11 aside fixtures.

26th March - SUBJECT TO CHANGE - last league fixtures until 16th April


No team listed - either forced free week, or a free week has been requested, which could leave teams out of fixtures.

As a reminder, managers need to be registered on the web for results and ref contact numbers (these cannot be shared publicly).

If drawn in Region Cup away to a Fife or Perth team, you may be playing on a Saturday.


Scottish Cup/Region Cup - call or text Regional Sec with results - 07983307807.

DDYFA league games - home team replies to text from web, otherwise call/text Fraser Mortimer by 6pm Sundays and 9pm midweek - 07711041369 (failure to record scores by correct time incurs a fine of £10, as per constitution)

The home team MUST contact ref verbally (once listed asap) by Thursday at the latest, along with booking the pitch listed and contact the away team.

Teams are also reminded to reverse the fixture (where possible) if pitch listed is unplayable.

Teamlines MUST be given to ref x 2 prior to kick off - no teamlines NO GAME. refs' payment is split for DDYFA league games, local cups - home team pays full amount for Scottish and region cup ties.

It is the responsibility of the HOME team to erect parent/respect lines on both sides of the pitch, (with no spectators/coaches behind the goals)

REFEREE APPOINTMENTS - teams MUST check this list for referee appointments for games, changed as needed - click here >>>> Referee Appointments


Scottish Cup

Semi Final

Riverside West End v Clydebank - Lochee UTD Pitch - 1pm

Presidents League
Broughty UTD v Kinnoull - Claypotts Park - 2pm

FREE: Dundee Thistle, Fairmuir


Steven Ellwood Cup

Round 1
Riverside West End v Carnoustie Panmure - Dundee Uni Pitch - NOON

Semi Final
Brechin City Youths v Dryburgh Athletic - Brechin Campus - 2pm

D Pullar League
Dundee Sporting v Montrose Youth - St Saviours - 2pm

DUSC v Broughty UTD  Pumas - Craigie Astro - 2pm

FREE: Ferry Athletic

F Mortimer League
Arbroath Harp v Broughty Panthers - McDonald Park - 2pm

FREE: East Craigie Swifts 


Queens Jubiliee 

1/4 Finals
Dundee West Royals v Forfar - Baldragon - 2pm

J Clark Motors Cup

Round 1
Ferry Athletic v Monifieth Athletic - Whitton Park - 2pm

Newburgh Juniors v Montrose - Shore Park - 2pm


Round 1
Broughty UTD v Dryburgh Athletic - Claypotts Park - 2pm

1/4 Finals
Fairmuir v Letham - Graham St - NOON

Maryfield League
FREE: Jeanfield Swifts, DUSC, ACSC

F Thomson League

Kirriemuiir Thistle v Riverside West End - Martin Park - 2pm

Scone Thistle v Dundee West Reds - Scone Park - 2pm

DUSC Lions v St Andrews Colts - Craigie Astro - 12.30pm

FREE: Arbroath Lads


G Taylor League

Dundee West Royals v Crieff Juniors - Baldragon - NOON

Riverside West End v DUSC - Dundee Uni Pitch - 12.30pm

Broughty UTD Pumas v Ferry Athletic - Whitton Park - NOON

Letham v ACSC – Sevenacres - NOON

Fairmuir v Montrose youth - Graham Street – 10.30am

W Mills League

Pitfour v Brechin City Youths - St Madoes - NOON

Monifieth Athletic v ACSC – Riverview – 2pm

Dundee Sporting Blacks v Craigie Thistle – Drumgeith – 10.30am

Carnoustie v Kirriemuir Thistle - Oswald Park - NOON

Dundee Sporting Blues v Dundee West Yellows - Old Glamis Road - NOON

FREE: Jeanfield Swifts, Broughty UTD Panthers


Dundee West Anniversary Cup

Semi Final

St Andrews Colts v Broughty UTD Pumas - Tom Morris - NOON

Mac Brown Cup

Semi Final

Dryburgh Athletic v Dundee West Yellows - South Road – 10.30am

DS Rennie League

Broughty UTD Panthers v Monifieth Athletic - Whitton Park - 10.30am

Montrose Youth v Ferry Athletic - Kenny Park – 10.30am

Dundee West Reds v DUSC - Baldragon – 10.30am

FREE: Arbroath Lads, Kirriemuir Thistle

W McInally League

DUSC Lions v Maryfield UTD – Monymusk Park - NOON 

Fairmuir v Riverside Blues - Graham Street – 10.30am

ACSC v Montrose Vics - Hercules Den - NOON

Carnoustie Panmure v Forfar Athletic CFC - Oswald Park – 10.30am

Douglas Youth v Brechin City Youths – Claypotts Park – 10.30am

FREE – Riverside West End Reds


East Region Cup

1/4 Finals

Montrose Youth v East End Boys - Kenny Park - NOON

Arbroath Lads or Brechin City Youths v Glenrothes Athletic - Arbroath H/S - NOON

DUSC v Riverside West End - Monymusk Park - 12.30pm

4th Round

Monifieth Athletic Blacks v Carnoustie Panmure Blacks - Riverview - NOON

S Edmonds League

Forfar v Fairmuir - Lunanhead – 10.30am

Letham v Newtyle Utd - Sevenacres – 10.30am

Monifieth Athletic Reds v Dryburgh Athletic – Riverview – 10.30am

J Clenhagen League

Jeanfield v Carnoustie Panmure Reds – Riverview – NOON

Dundee Celtic v Dundee Sporting - Ardler – 10.30am

Ferry Athletic Blues v Scone Thistle - Dawson Park – 10.30am

St Andrews Colts v Bridge of Earn - Tom Morris – 10.30am

Paul Gibson League

Dundee West Reds v Arbroath Harp – Charlotte St – 10.30am

ACSC v Maryfield Utd Blacks - Hercules Den – 10.30am

DUSC Lions v Blairgowrie – Monymusk Park – 10.30am

FREE - Maryfield Utd Amber, Douglas Youth, Mearns Youth


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