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11 aside fixtures 25th October 2020

U/13s Cafe Royale League
Dundee West Red v Broughty United Pumas (G Christie) Downfield - 10.30
DUSC v Dundee West Royal (D Henderson) Craigie 3G - 12.30
Arbroath Lads v Fairmuir Navy (M Reid) Arbroath H/S - 12.30
Ferry Athletic v Carnoustie Panmure (C Ritchie) Dawson Park - 12.30
Forfar Athletic CFC v Fairmuir Tans (J McCunnie) Lunanhead - 12.30 

U/13s J Clenaghan League
Brechin City Youths v Dundee West Yellow (C Hancox) Brechin - 12.30
Dundee Celtic v Montrose Youths (S Brunton) Lochee Park - 12.30
Riverside v Monifieth Athletic (B Strachan) As Arr - 12.30
Kirriemuir Thistle v Dryburgh Athletic (W Mills) Martin Park- 10.30

U/13s P Gibson League
ACSC Panthers v Dundee Sporting Black (A Goodall) Hercules Den - 10.30
Pitfour v ACSC (D Lawson) St Madoes - 12.30
Dundee Thistle v Jeanfield Swifts (J Sutcliffe) Claypotts - 12.30
Broughty United Panthers v St James. (P Boag) Monifieth H/S - 10.30
Dundee Sporting Blue v Douglas Youth (J Tindall) Old Glamis Rd - 10.30

U/14s D S Rennie League
Carnoustie Panmure v Dundee Celtic (W Geekie) Carnoustie - 12.30
Brechin City Youths v DUSC (C Hancox) Brechin - 2pm
ACSC v Dundee West Yellow (D Lyons) Hercules Den - 12.30
Montrose Youths v Ferry Athletic (H Petrov) Montrose - 12.30
Dundee West Royal v Dundee West Red (P Reid) Downfield - 10.30
Monifieth Athletic v Broughty United (D Coleman) Riverview - 12.30 

U/14s Watson McInally League
Dundee Thistle v Arbroath Lads (E Boylan) Claypotts - 10.30
Dryburgh Athletic v Letham SC (R Alexander) South Rd - 12.30
DUSC Lions v Riverside (A Finnigan) Craigie 3G - 2pm
Forfar Athletic CFC v Fairmuir (H Fairweather) Forfar - 12.30
Kirriemuir Thistle v Newtyle United (W Mills) Martin Park - 12.30
Free: St Andrews Colts

U/15s G Taylor League
Dundee Sporting Club v Forfar Athletic CFC (J Kelly) Old Glamis Rd - 12.30
Monifieth Athletic v DUSC (D Coleman) Riverview - 2pm
Dryburgh Athletic v Montrose Vics (R Alexander) South Rd - 2pm
Dundee West Royal v Dundee West Red. (P Reid) Downfield - 12.30
Letham v Ferry Athletic (V Stoyanov) Seven Acres - 12.30
Montrose Youth v Broughty United Pumas (H Petrov) Kenny Park - 2pm

U/15s W Mills League
Dundee Celtic v Fairmuir (S Ferrier) Lochee Park - 12.30
Carnoustie Panmure v Broughty Panther (A Kuzev) Carnoustie - 2pm
Dundee Thistle v Arbroath Harp. (M Farmer) Claypotts - 12.30
Crieff Jnrs v St Andrews Colts (S McKimmie) As Arr - 12.30
Mearns Youth v Brechin City Youths (M Anderson) Old Academy - 12.30
Riverside v Pitfour (R Dittrich) As Arr - 12.30
Free: Cupar Colts.

U/16s Maryfield League
Maryfield United v Montrose Youth (M Crawford) Fairmuir Park - 12.30
Ferry Athletic v Dundee Sporting Club (C McRae) Dawson Park - 12.30
Monifieth Athletic v Riverside (K Riddell) Riverview - 2pm
Fairmuir v Carnoustie Panmure (B Archibald) Graham St - 12.30
Pitfour v Forfar Athletic CFC (D Lawson) St Madoes - 2pm

U/16s Bodycare Complementary Clinics League
Abernethy v DUSC (J Kinnon) Victory Park - 12.30
Crieff Jnrs v Dundee Thistle (S McKimmie) Strathearn Campus - 2pm
St Johns v Letham (W Grieve) North Inch - 10.30
Broughty United v Mearns Youth (K Higgins) St Saviours - 12.30
Free: St Andrews Colts, ACSC

U/17s Dave Pullar League
East Craigie Swifts v Dundee West (M Traynor) Craigie Park - 2pm
Dundee Celtic v Ferry Athletic (J Rice) Lochee - 2pm
Forfar Athletic CFC v Jeanfield Swifts (S Phillip) Forfar - 2pm
Free: Monifieth

U/17s Fiona Thomson League
Montrose Youth v Broughty United (A Cook) Kenny Park - 2pm
Kirriemuir Thistle v ACSC (G Bowman) Martin Park - 2pm
Dundee North End v Riverside Tayport (M Crawford) Fairmuir - 2pm
Free: DUSC

U/19s President League
Riverside Tayport v Monifieh O3 (B Strachan) As Arr - 2pm
Letham v Forfar Athletic CFC (V Stoyanov) Seven Acres - 2pm
Carnoustie v Monifieth O2 (D Shepherd) Carnoustie - 2pm
Broughty v Ferry Athletic Blues (D Fearn) Monifieth H/S - 2PM
Fairmuir v Ferry Athletic (B Archibald) Graham St - 2pm
Forfar Albion v Dundee Downfield West (G Ewing) Forfar - 2pm
Free: Bridge of Earn

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